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Data Loss Prevention

Data Loss Prevention

Arfa Technology provides expert IT specialists to do this task for you without any work hassles

Solution for Cyber Security

We monitors and alerts when sensitive documents or IP is accessed, copied, printed or moved under unusual circumstances. Additionally, AI will monitor psycholinguistic patterns to detect disgruntled employees by monitoring their sentiment for possible signs of threat.

Data loss prevention tools and techniques ensure that your sensitive data is not lost, accessed or misused by any unauthorized user. In the digitalized world of today, there is a lot of scam or harmful content that might undermine your organization’s important data. So, care has to be taken to keep your data confidential. Are you looking for best data loss prevention techniques to secure your business’s critical data?

Reliable Cyber Security Solution for Businesses

Then, there is nothing to worry about because we are right there to facilitate you. Arfa Technology provides expert IT specialists to do this task for you without any work hassles. Our team is available 24/7 for full client facilitation. Therefore, you can rely on our company if you think that your data is not secure. We have developed best practices for initiating a successful data loss prevention program. The first step includes prioritizing the data of various companies. We mainly focus on critical data sets that are different for every company. So, we basically start with the data that seems to be more sensitive or most valuable for the company. Then, we try to understand when the company’s data is at potential risk. Then, we monitor the data in motion and develop controls for reducing the data risk. At the next step, we train employees about actions that result into data loss. So, we educate them by conducting workshops and trainings so that they can be enlightened about the potential risks and threats by which a company’s data can be lost. With these simple steps we have helped several companies in securing their sensitive data. So, if you want our services, let us know.


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